Full Featured Logbook

Everything you demand from a logbook and more: Jump Details, Images, Videos, Signatures, Charts, Statistics...

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Rig Manager

Manage your Rigs and receive Repack Reminders by email. Never miss an inspection and repack again.

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Universal Access

Access your log from every browser in the world. No need to carry anything around - minimise weight on skydiving trips.

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Safe Storage

Never lose your logged jumps. Your jumps are safely and securely stored in the Cloud with daily backups.

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Key Features

A feature rich online logbook designed by skydivers for skydivers to make detailed logging quick and easy.

Charts and 3D Views

Upload and view tracks downloaded from a logger or GPS as a detailed chart or in 3D.


Have your jumps digitally signed on the spot or through email*. Accepted by major Skydiving Associations.


Detailed statistics for your whole log: Jump Numbers, Types, DZs, Aircraft, etc.


Media Gallery

Upload, view and manage images and videos attached to your jumps.


Share your logbook, jumps, charts and statistics by email and through social media.


Fully integrated with Paralog® and Paralog® Mobile for seamless synchronization.

Account Types

We offer three indivdual packages to suit your needs. Each plan runs for a year and does not extend automatically - no hidden costs.

  • Basic
  • The Basic account is perfect for you if you have just started skydiving and and are new to digital logging. Your log will be public.
  • €2,95/year Free!
  • 50 Jumps
  • Standalone Operation
  • Add, Edit and Sign Jumps
  • Request Account
  • Premium
  • The Premium Account is for the advanced user who wants to log more jumps and sync his online logbook with Paralog®
  • €4,95*/year
  • 250 Jumps with Images
  • Sync your log with Paralog®
  • Upload Images
  • Professional
  • The Professional Account holds unlimited jumps for the expert user and includes automatic jump creation from Flysight, GPX and ProTrack II tracks.
  • €9,95*/year
  • Unlimited Jumps
  • 3D-Tracks, Private Logs, No Ads
  • Upload Images, Videos and Jumps

* 19% VAT will be added for EU-Residents during Checkout

When your subscription expires, editing, uploading and syncing of your log will be disabled. Your log will still be accessible for 12 months and full access can be reactivated during that time.

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